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Power of One


Over the years, my family and I have endured discrimination from sexual orientation, gender, and as disabled Americans to the degree that our lives were threatened, our home was burned, our rights and freedom violated, and our "power" to affect a positive and safe outcome for our family was challenged and ridiculed. 


Life is a choice. We can choose to be the victims of circumstance or we can choose to "govern" our own destiny.


When I was a young child, my father would take me to the race track and pull out his stopwatch. "Get ready, set, go!" At each turn, he would whistle, indicating for me to run faster. By the last turn, I could feel my heart bursting inside, my legs burning from the pain, sweat dripping from my body and then, the whistle. My feet were off the ground, as I began to "fly" to the finish line. "Again," he would say. "Do it again."


My father's persistent efforts to build my character and strengthen my body, which has served me well in times of challenge, was his gift to me. To this day, I remember his whistle, "faster, faster... Don't stop!" Once past the finish line, he would smile, and say, "Well done. Now do it again, sweatheart." He knew what I didn't know then. It isn't the finish line that is the "win" , but the act of getting there.


California is a remarkable and beautiful state, rich in its diversity, rich in natural resources, and rich in its history and vision for the future. We are the driving force in America's economy, through our technology of new ideas and creative mastering of artistic expression.


We are the brave. One voice, one vote, one step forward...bridging the gap of change.

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