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    My Story


Alma Marie Winston, born on March 11, 1955 in New Orleans, Louisiana and daughter to an Ecuadorian mother and French-American father, is testament to the "American Dream." Privileged to study in some of the finest schools in the United States, Europe and Mexico, Ms. Winston received her Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences from San Francisco State University in 1974.


Former CEO of Civil Rights Legal Defense Fund, Ms. Winston and her 20-year life partner (now legally married), Charel Winston, two-time US Congressional candidate in Silicon Valley, have fought for civil rights and in 2004 became the target of Hate-crimes, including death threats, arson to their home, and a false and malicious prosecution case by El Dorado County. Having practiced law in propera persona ("pro per"), their published legal briefs have been recognized by the California Supreme Court and other state and federal courts, most notably their Amicus brief to the Supreme Court on Gay Marriage.


The Winstons live happily on their 5-acre farm, where they continue to rescue and care for over 300 animals, while caring for their disabled 84-year old mother. Both Alma Marie Winston and Charel Winston fall under ADA (Americans with Disabilities), despite their "normal" appearances, as they endeavor to raise public awareness to the concerns and plight of disabled Americans.


Co-founder and CEO of Goodwill Funding Inc., Alma Marie Winston is recognized and honored by ministries of foreign governments for her commitment of global funding, as well as project funding, nationally and statewide, for entrepreneurial development and "earth-saving" projects, including alternative energy technologies, to world-wide communication systems and the re-development of an internet search engine. Her vast personal and professional objectives are to raise capital for aspiring new companies from cutting-edge science to Arts and Entertainment, and medical research for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and other neurological and physiological disorders affecting children and the mass populace with focus on wellness through alternative avenues of treatment and healthcare. Among Ms. Winston's many aspirations, she proposes to erect a state-the-art hospital and wellness center that engages the cooperation of Eastern-Western medicine through the coordination and integration of veterinarian and human sciences. Among other interests, as CEO of Goodwill Funding Inc., Ms. Winston has acquired a variety of professional partnerships through the acquisition of natural in-ground assets, from oil fields to gold mines, throughout the country and abroad, for the purpose of "helping others help themselves." Her passion and commitment to "raise the standard" of productivity, human awareness, and self-sufficiency for the greater good of society is only matched by her understanding and compassion for the woes of socio-economic oppression, manifested by an irresponsible and inefficient bureaucracy of government.


Alma Marie Winston's campaign for Governor of California 2014 is to "BRING BACK THE CALIFORNIA DREAM." It is the duty and privilege of every Californian to make California the "Golden State" it proclaims to be and by setting an example through strong, forthright, and able leadership to the endless possibilities of human recovery and achievement.


Alma Marie Winston's story is not unique to the multitudes of America's immigrants, many of whom have given their lives to create a country built on the freedoms and equality set forth by our United States Constitution, Bill of Rights, and our Declaration of Independence. It is a story that is profoundly rooted in the core of the "American Dream." It is the essence, the heart beat of our country, that drives us to fulfill our dreams and manifest our goals beyond our darkest hours.


We are the blessed, the fortunate, gifted through our own hard work and the selfless offerings of others, our predecessors, for whom we are humbly grateful. It is now our turn to give and share our blessings with others. In this way, we complete the cycle, as we come together in the fulfillment of our dreams and the creation of our own legacy.




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