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Viewpoints on 11 major issues of the State:





- Currently, at 7.8% unemployment rate, California ranks among the highest in the country for unemployment. Innovative funding and other profit-generating incentives, at no cost to the taxpayer, to entice cutting-edge technology companies and small businesses to be established in California are fundamental to increase higher paying jobs and other employment opportunities.

- Encouraging socially-responsible and alternative "green" technology in the market sector will stimulate the economy, increase revenue to the State, as well as benefit our society and the environment.


Health Care


Under Obamacare, our system of health care has become less efficient and inhumane, not to mention more costly. 

Through the encouragement of "service with kindness" and a greater focus on wellness and prevention, we will improve our health care, reduce costs, save lives and create a healthier, happier society.




- Of the six million students in the California school system, 25% are unable to perform basic reading skills. The literacy rate in California ranks among the lowest in the country. This is unacceptable! Through innovative and secure financial resources at no cost to the taxpayer, California can build new state-of-the-art "off the grid" schools, offering efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and greater learning opportunities for girls and boys of all ages.

- Create smaller classrooms

- Reward students for "high standard" performance in academics, arts, and athletics

- Opportunities for better pay and benefits to teachers commensurate with performance, creativity and accountability

- Financial incentives to students for scholastic and athletic achievement, regardless of income or economic status




- Through innovative financing and monetization of in-ground assets, we can REDUCE TAXES and provide financial incentives for California families to encourage a strong middle-class base, without penalizing higher income families.

- Taxes must be directed and used for the specific purposes to which they are intended.


Water Resources


- California's current third-year drought is critical, under the present system. Effective, alternative resources for collecting and distributing water for consumption, agriculture, and sustaining the environment is tantamount to restoring confidence and availability in California's water supply.

- Utilizing proven technologies for de-salination and other safe water extraction systems are  necessary to improve and re-establish our water source issue and further our independence in this regard.


Medical Marijuana


- Legalization of Medical Marijuana is prudent, as history has shown that Prohibition is NOT an effective means of perpetuating  a civil society. The medicinal benefits of Medical Marijuana have been proven to outweigh the negative contrast and prevent unnecessary pharmacological and physiological complications that may result from traditional pharmaceuticals.

- Increased State and local revenue from legal distribution and sales of Medical Marijuana is significant towards generating a robust economy,  while it is proven to also reduce crime.  


Gun Control


- The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution ensures "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms." Period.




- While it is unsatisfactory, to say the least, that abortion is being used too often as a means of contraceptive, government must NOT interfere with the rights of women. However, encouragement of safe and more effective contraceptives is crucial to preventing unnecessary loss of life to the unborn. Life is a gift. 


Immigration and Border Patrol


- It is inhumane to allow the perpetuation of death, rape, and terrorism at our borders. Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are as vital to California as any other race or denomination. Legalization of undocumented workers with proven honorable work history or viable recommendation is prudent and beneficial to all parties of interest.

- Security at our borders is critical to the safety and wellbeing of Americans, and must be executed responsibly and efficiently for optimal success in deterring "unfriendly intruders." It should NOT be misused as a militant act of aggression or means to justify discrimination toward any sector of the population, legal or otherwise.  


Homelessness and poverty


- It is abhorrent to any civilized society to permit and sustain the perpetuation of homeless individuals and families. Food, shelter,

and safety must be provided to all those who have come upon ill times or cannot self-sustain without State assistance.  This is particularly poignant as it relates to children and seniors, without whom our society would be deficient in contrast to the benefits that they bring.




- California has become by all accounts a welfare state run by government workers, controlled by union leaders and other "special interest groups." The middle class has been and continues to be dis-empowered and over-burdened, thus forcing good families to leave the State.  Moreover, the underprivileged have become dependent upon the entitlement of State hand-outs, thereby impeding the power of the human spirit in its effort to rise above life's challenges. 

- Government assistance should be availed as necessary, but not to the degree that it replaces the integrity and vital work ethics of capable people.













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